Spigen SGP Glas.tR screen protector

When it comes to quality iPhone products, Spigen is one best available. Considering their screen protectors are just a good as their cases, there should be no worrying when purchasing their products. So everyone knows that the Spigen SGP Glas.tR screen protector is great, but lets see if it is the right screen protector for you! Click on through to read the entire review!

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FAKE Element Vapor Pro for iPhone 5

Looking back at my past year of working on my website, most of the views have come from the FAKE element cases. While Element has done everything to rid this action of counterfeiting their hard work, China prevails dealing on third party vendor websites and other lesser known web-stores. The Element Vapor Pro was originally made by Element and only for the iPhone 4/4S. This case is extremely unique because Element has created the Sector 5 for the iPhone 5 instead of continuing their previous success with the Vapor Pro. So let the controversy continue as you continue reading the rest of this awesome review.

Gumdrop Drop Tech iPhone 5 case (giveaway)

Protection is important to everyone. Some people can’t have enough of it, others want it but don’t want to sacrifice for a bulky phone. It’s a vital decision when looking at future cases. Once big organizations are overlooked, like Otterbox, Griffin, and LifeProof, companies like Gumdrop have to come to mind for a new protective case. The Gumdrop Drop Tech cases make an argument to be the next best thing to protect you iPhone 5. Keep reading more to learn more and enter the giveaway!

Spigen SGP Neo Hybrid EX Metal for iPhone 5

With so many plastic bumpers available for the iPhone 5, it is hard to find one that stands apart from the others. Spigen continually produces great iPhone cases and the Neo Hybrid EX does not shy from the norm. Cretouch.com was nice enough to allow me to review a beautiful Silver Neo Hybrid EX.  Because we know that SGP produces high quality cases, lets see if the Neo Hybrid EX is the case for you! Keep reading to see where this case fits into the mix of all other cases.

Rokform Rokshield v3 Case for iPhone5

Protection is a key component for every iPhone case. A friend just the other day dropped his brand new iPhone and within the next two days, he had a case on it. People cannot stand having their most precious device uncovered and vulnerable. The Rokform Rokshield v3 case for the iPhone 5 gives the optimum amount of protection without being too bulky. There is so much to this case, click on through to read more about Rokform’s most popular case!

Otterbox Commuter iPhone 5 case

Otterboxis Probably the most widely known iPhone case amongst regular average joes.  The company originally got its fame by the “defender” but I like the commuter more. So the case protects, we know. What else does it have to offer? Well, some style and reliability are the two claims that keep Otterbox an iPhone regular.

Spigen SGP New iPad Leather Sleeve

In the situation that a real leather sleeve like the one from Mint Cases, is not your choice to use to travel with your iPad, Spigen has a terrific alternative. SGP is a company that has the past of making quality products. But what about this leather sleeve? Does it match up with their other products? Big thanks to Cretouch.com, who allowed me to review this sleeve. Now, lets see how this sleeve really matches up with the other iPad sleeves out there after the break.

Mint Cases New iPad Sleeve (giveaway)

Anyone who owns an iPad knows exactly how important it is to maintain a professional look while still protecting your iPad. Once I received my iPad, finding a case like that was fairly difficult. Mint Cases is a company started by a guy who was in the same predicament as I was in. Once creating the Macbook Air sleeve, he then designed the iPad sleeve. Though there are many sleeves out there now for the iPad, lets see how these stand up to all of the others! Keep reading to learn more about this case and enter the contest to win one of these three awesome iPad sleeves.

Dosh Street Wallet and Magic Wallet

People care so much about their iPhones because they carry them around everywhere. People put on sophisticated cases and want their phone to be perfect. A wallet is one thing that most people look over when it comes to style. The difficulty is finding the happy medium of practicality, longevity, and flair. With that being said, Dosh is a company that develops wallets to be used worldwide. Interestingly enough, the same guys who designed the 2000 Sydney Olympic Torch founded Dosh in Australia. But are these fancy wallets worth your money? Find out after the break.

Since a wallet is something everyone carries around, I felt the need to showcase this company. The Dosh Wallets are so unique that anyone should consider them. All of the wallets are made with a water resistant material called desmopan. The thinness of these wallets rivals any of the thinnest wallets. They come in a hard clear plastic case that can house them when they are not in use. A few of the wallets have a harder plastic inside that fits right in with high quality of the rest of the case. The two wallets that interested me were the Street Wallet and the Magic Wallet.

Lets start off with the 6-card bi-fold Street Wallet. I chose the “Felix” color because it looked the most practical of the available choices. The feel of this wallet is great. The desmopan polymer provides a slick feeling that may be flexible but not cheap. The six cards that can be stored in this wallet all slide from the right. Simply said, this wallet may look like a regular bi-fold, but it makes a perfect wallet for any night out.
Onto the Dosh Magic Wallet, a much more interesting wallet that uses “magic.” Well, it may not exactly magic, but it can secure your money in a very unusual way. The “Vadar” color looks great on this wallet. Once you put cash in the “dosh band” inside the wallet, you can close it and it will be protected. Though this wallet can only hold 4 cards, it is still the thinnest wallet I have ever used. 

Dosh really has proven to have two great wallets in the Magic and Street. They provide a more diverse selection on their website that include the same materials but different set ups. The Magic come in eight different colors and runs for $49 retail. As for the Street, it also comes in eight unique colors and cost $59. With such great build quality, and unique materials, any Dosh wallet makes for a great wallet anyday. 

Bamboo iPhone cases from Twig Cases Co.

There are different types of cases for every type of lifestyle. Aluminum or other style cases are for people looking for elegance. Thick protective cases, can defend your phone from nearly anything. Twig Case Co. finds itself happily in between these two circumstances. While they do showcase many different cases, the Bamboo iPhone cases stuck out to me. The Twig Case Bamboo iPhone cases feature FSC® Certified Bamboo veneer. To find out more interesting facets about this case, click the button continue reading.

The two cases that I am reviewing are the regular Bamboo iPhone case and “The One Tree” Bamboo iPhone case. TwigCase’s Bamboo iPhone case really shows off the finish of the standard case. They use this as a base for their laser-engraved designs, such as “The One Tree,” which displays some of the intricacy possible. Their other designs range from creative moon worms and monsters to elaborate birdhouses and mountains. Most of the designs apply to a white, black, pink, blue, brown, and green case additional to the bamboo.

This case may just look like a regular case, but it has been completely thought through. The composition of this case is especially unique. It is made of paper. Don’t worry about splinters or paper cuts; these cases are made of Richlite. What exactly is Richlite? It’s a laminate made from FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council™) certified paper, made from trees from responsibly managed forests. This paper is then layered and baked with an eco-friendly resin. The final product is stronger than wood, but it can still split. Twig Case Co. deems it “the most durable case made from natural materials.” One thing is for sure, and that is that the consistency of Richlite compared to wood greatly reduces the possibility of the case splitting.

The Bamboo iPhone case and “The One Tree” iPhone case have typical openings in any standard iPhone 4/4S case. A generous opening for the 30-pin connector as well as the vibrate on/off switch for iPhone 4 and 4S. The speakers on the bottom are machined exactly to the size of the iPhone speakers. As for the volume and sleep/wake buttons, they have an overlaying buttons that should only be pressed when the case is on the phone. They provide a little more of press but nothing to worry about. Three other interesting structural features really stood out to me. First was the microfiber back pad that prevents any scratches on the back of your iPhone. This pad is a perfect thickness and is made from the same microfiber from the iPad smart cover. Second was the camera opening that is large enough to prevent a poor flash and it shows the Twig Case logo. While I am usually against seeing 3rdparty logos on cases, amazingly covert way to slip in their logo, without even realizing it! Not to mention their logo is a leaf that reminds everyone that this is one of the most eco-friendly case out there. Finally, lets say you need to dock your phone but it does not fit, simply slide off the bottom and your problem is solved.

Whew! I am not sure if anyone could be bored after that. Before this case, I had never even heard about Richlite! I really think Twigcase.com deserves some recognition. Their cases all have good cut outs and work great with other accessories. Overall, both of these Twig Case’s have been a pleasure to use. The future of this company seems great! They are now including a stand with every purchase, but the stand is actually what the case is packaged in so there is no reason to throw anything away! The iPhone 4/4S design cases are on sale for $49 and regular iPhone cases are on sale for $29. Twig Case Co. is also coming out iPhone 5 cases for pre-order at $59 and since they are made just like the older model, I highly recommend it. Their iPhone 5 cases will be made like everything else, in Minnesota, and ship in October.
Final Thoughts:
 – Durability
 – Uniqueness
 – Versatility
 – Eco-Friendly
 – Made in USA
 – none