Spigen SGP Glas.t for iPad

The Glas.t by Spigen is one of the nicest screen protectors on the market. The protector is made of tempered glass and is extremely high quality. The people over at  Cretouch.com has been generous enough to allow me to review this amazing screen protector, so make sure you go check out their website. Read more to find out exactly what makes this screen protector better than others!

Before any screen protector is put on two things must be taken into account. What the screen protector is packaged in and what comes with it. SGP gives the buyer everything that they need when you open the Glas.t. I was very impressed with the quality of everything. The cleaning cloth and squeegee were neatly packaged and helped my install to be smooth and clean. After seeing all of the accessories, the Glas.t was in between a nice Styrofoam sheet. When you first feel the protector, it will blow you away. The build quality is amazing. This feeling is what can justify the price tag that Spigen places on this screen protector.

The features of the Glas.t screen protector range from everything from clarity to the anti-shatter film. The glass protector is .4 mm thick and made with chemically treated transparent tempered glass. It also features 8-9H hardness. This means that it is three times stronger than regular PET films and even sharp objects will not scratch the screen. One other feature is the Oleophobic Coating, which prevents fingerprints and other contaminants. Because the glass protector is tempered, if it breaks, it will break into small pieces that are not sharp.

Installation was as simple as any regular screen protector application. After cleaning the screen to perfection, I peeled off one side, placed it on my iPad, and then the other side peeled off. One thing that was confusing for me was that there was no indication on which of the films had to be peeled off first and which side had the adhesive. After this issue is averted the application process is easy to finish. Once the Glas.t is on, the clarity is so apparent. Thats another thing that sets this screen protector apart.

Overall, this screen protector does not disappoint. Compared to a regular film, the clarity and the touch feel is great. Thickness may be an issue but it can easily be avoided. I highly recommend this screen protector to someone who need is looking for a high quality cover for the screen. Cretouch.com provides the Glas.t for $70. Now that this protector is on my iPad 2, I have no worries about my screen getting messed up at all. 

Final Thoughts
Pros –
 – Protection
 – Clarity
 – Application
 – Thickness

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