Dosh Street Wallet and Magic Wallet

People care so much about their iPhones because they carry them around everywhere. People put on sophisticated cases and want their phone to be perfect. A wallet is one thing that most people look over when it comes to style. The difficulty is finding the happy medium of practicality, longevity, and flair. With that being said, Dosh is a company that develops wallets to be used worldwide. Interestingly enough, the same guys who designed the 2000 Sydney Olympic Torch founded Dosh in Australia. But are these fancy wallets worth your money? Find out after the break.

Since a wallet is something everyone carries around, I felt the need to showcase this company. The Dosh Wallets are so unique that anyone should consider them. All of the wallets are made with a water resistant material called desmopan. The thinness of these wallets rivals any of the thinnest wallets. They come in a hard clear plastic case that can house them when they are not in use. A few of the wallets have a harder plastic inside that fits right in with high quality of the rest of the case. The two wallets that interested me were the Street Wallet and the Magic Wallet.

Lets start off with the 6-card bi-fold Street Wallet. I chose the “Felix” color because it looked the most practical of the available choices. The feel of this wallet is great. The desmopan polymer provides a slick feeling that may be flexible but not cheap. The six cards that can be stored in this wallet all slide from the right. Simply said, this wallet may look like a regular bi-fold, but it makes a perfect wallet for any night out.
Onto the Dosh Magic Wallet, a much more interesting wallet that uses “magic.” Well, it may not exactly magic, but it can secure your money in a very unusual way. The “Vadar” color looks great on this wallet. Once you put cash in the “dosh band” inside the wallet, you can close it and it will be protected. Though this wallet can only hold 4 cards, it is still the thinnest wallet I have ever used. 

Dosh really has proven to have two great wallets in the Magic and Street. They provide a more diverse selection on their website that include the same materials but different set ups. The Magic come in eight different colors and runs for $49 retail. As for the Street, it also comes in eight unique colors and cost $59. With such great build quality, and unique materials, any Dosh wallet makes for a great wallet anyday. 

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